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Trimethyl Phosphite

1, trimethyl phosphite is a kind of organic phosphorus pesticide intermediates used in the production of dichlorvos, phosphamidon, pesticide pesticide monocrotophos, tetrachlorvinphos, etc. Making of novel organic phosphorus flame retardant materials. And as catalysts for synthesis of polymeric and paint additives.
2, trimethyl phosphite esters can be used for a variety of phosphonic acid ester synthesis or phosphate compounds, can restore as many group reagents, take oxygen or sulfur atoms, while trimethyl phosphite and iodide copper or copper-methyl to form stable complexes. [1]
3, or phosphate esters of phosphonic acid ester synthesis: trimethyl phosphite is a very useful reagents phosphorus and its Arbuzov rearrangement reaction with halogenated hydrocarbons, and Perkow reaction generates corresponding phosphonate and enol esters of phosphoric acid.
As trimethyl phosphite molecule, on the phosphorus atom has lone pairs of electrons, which pro-nuclear attack with a positively charged carbon atom to form phosphoric acid esters, can also attack other electropositive Atom, such as attacking azides are cyclophosphamide. [1]
4, Deoxy-(sulfur) react: phosphorus-oxygen bond is more stable, its key larger, therefore, phosphite ester can be used as a deoxidizer, trimethyl phosphate Deoxy generated after the relatively stable, sulfone or sulfoxide compound to restore. Similarly, some reaction of trimethyl phosphite esters can also be sorbents, thio-phosphoric acid methyl ester.