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Ministry Releases 2014 Chemical Industry Operation

Throughout 2014 today chemical industry value added grew by 10.4%, 6.8% of the total national industrial. Most of the industry has had varying degrees of growth. Industry sales of 8.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.2%, profit 431.26 billion yuan, an increase of 0.33%, margin 4.9%. Exports remain a good momentum. Chemical industry import 186.48 billion US dollars for the year, an increase of 0.6%; 162.1 billion US dollars, an increase of 11.1%. Among them, organic chemical raw materials and synthetic materials imported $ 55.3 billion and $ 72.36 billion, respectively, total chemical import 68.5%; rubber exported 52.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 9.2%, 32.2% of the total chemical exports. Physical exports 29.594 million tons of chemical fertilizers, an increase of 52.4% pesticide exported 1.161 million tons, an increase of 6%.

In 2014, the chemical industry completed investment of 1.56 trillion yuan in fixed assets, an increase of 10.5%, new projects to 10,714, up 2.5%. Among them, driven by factors such as better in the early, organic chemicals, pesticides, forest products chemicals, chemical pollution abatement investments to maintain a high growth rate, rose, 28.7%, 18.4% and 19.3%, respectively.

Three quarter of 2014, and 421 kilograms of standard coal consumption million revenues in the chemical industry, down by 3.6%. Among them, the ethylene, caustic soda, calcium carbide, comprehensive energy consumption of yellow phosphorus was 816.6 kilograms of standard coal per ton, 373 kilograms of standard coal per ton, 991.6 kilograms of standard coal per ton and 3047.9 kg of standard coal per ton, respectively, 3.2%, 2.2% and 5.5%; comprehensive energy consumption of synthetic ammonia 1348.7 kg of standard coal per ton, compared with flat.

In 2015, the world economy will continue its moderate recovery, continuing international energy structure adjustment. China's economic and social development has entered a new norm, the downstream market demand growth is slowing, new environmental protection laws more stringent requirements, industry faces a variety of challenges. Meanwhile, Central series of comprehensive reform policy will further stimulate market activity, industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization in advance, "along the way", the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development, the full implementation of the strategy, such as the Yangtze River economic belt will bring new opportunities to the industry. By 2015, the chemical industry main business revenue of about 9.5 trillion yuan, an increase of 8%, a profit of 470 billion yuan, an increase of 7%.