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Liaoning Fuxin Building Industrial Base Of The Northeast's Largest Fluorine

Recently, Liaoning Fuxin fluoride industry zone related led in accept reporter interview Shi revealed, fluoride industry development district will constantly extends perfect industry chain, adjustment, and optimization, and advance fluoride industry development, through for fluoride industry structure adjustment, to sulfuric acid, and chlorine alkali, and hydrofluoric acid, and methanol, and olefin, 5 a based chemical raw materials project for focus, vigorously development inorganic fluoride, and containing fluoride fine chemicals, and fluoride alkanes and fluoride polymer four products chain. Create Northeast's largest fluorine chemical production base. "Twelve-Five" base will exceed 20 billion yuan output value at the end.

Reportedly, base promoted inorganic fluoride to fine of, and high purification development, transformation upgrade hydrofluoric acid production process, development high grade hydrofluoric acid, and six fluoride phosphate lithium, inorganic fluoride products and the lithium battery products; expanded aromatic family fluoride products series and the edge products, extended industry chain, from production containing fluoride medicine, and pesticide intermediate excessive to Terminal products production; through development fat family fluoride, mention quality upgrade PTFE resin, promoted fluoride carbon alcohol, and fluoride ether and the downstream products technology development and progress, perfect containing fluoride surfactant, and Compound additives and fabric finishing agent containing fluorine and other industrial production technology development of fluorine material based on PTFE products, development of fluorine-containing polymer materials, the introduction of fluoro rubber, fluoroelastomer polymer industrial technology; development of special resins and HFP-material and raw materials of fine products, expand the applications of fluorine material products. At present, the base production of fluorine-containing pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates, PTFE coating, hexafluoropropylene and electrolytic products, has reached more than 300 species.