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In 2015, Chemical Raw Materials Prices Fell 5.5%

Industrial producer prices in the producer goods prices fell 5.6%, affect the level of country's total industrial producer prices dropped by about 4.3%. Among them, the extractive industries falling prices 17.5%, decline in industrial raw materials prices 8.6%, processing industry prices down 3.1%. Materials prices fell 0.2%. Among them, food prices fell 0.3% dress up 0.8%, 0.1% drop in commodity prices in General, prices of durable consumer goods declined by 0.7%.

Industrial production in the purchase price, fuel prices fell 9.9%, ferrous material prices fell 9.6% chemical raw materials prices fell 5.5%, non-ferrous metal materials and electric wire price drop 4.8%. According to estimates,-4.3% in January compared with the national total industrial producer prices drop in the tail-raising factor of price changes last year about-3.2%, the new price increase factor of about-1.1%.