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Fluorine Chemical Industry "Thirteen-Five" Planned Development Of Import-substituting Space Great

From fluorine-Silicon organic materials industry association, China a few days ago, "the fluorine chemical industry ' Thirteen-Five ' plan" development work has been completed. Period, the industry will control scale, measures such as upgrading, initially built Fluorine Chemicals powerhouse.
Industry insiders said in an interview, fluorine chemicals production in developed countries is shifting to developing countries at present, but its still dominated the high end of material, ODS substitutes, fluorine refined chemicals, functional control agents such as monopoly status. With the global warming attention, a new generation of products began to be used extensively in the production of low GWP. Domestically, as China's industrial transformation and upgrading, auto, electronics, light industry, new energy and environmental protection, aerospace and other industries of fluorinated polymers, fluorine-containing fine chemicals and new refrigerant needs urgently. In these areas, import substitution development space is enormous.