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Fluoride Double Prospects, Technology-driven Acceleration Of Special Marketing Shuffle

In recent years, with the rise of new environmental protection, energy industry, fine chemical materials represented by special fluoride has been unprecedented attention. Due to the many types of fluoride, excellent performance, and have greater correlation with other industries, has become an indispensable key chemical materials.

After more than 50 years of development, the fluoro-Chem industry in China has formed a fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon, inorganic fluoride, fluorine-containing polymer and fluorine-containing fine chemicals four broad categories of products, domestic enterprises can only provide primary raw materials. It is learnt that the ordinary fluorite refined into hydrofluoric acid can be achieved after 6 to 8 times times the value added, and fluorine monomer and fluorine polymer processing special fluoride is formed, its value can be 500 or even thousands of times in value.

Attractive capital market prospects for the road ready, but a survey by the China Petrochemical Association, fluorine chemical industry "technical thirst" market under shuffle. "Fluorine chemical industry development objectives are advanced to high-end. "Fluorine-Silicon organic materials industry association, China experts said.