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Triphenyl phosphate on tensile strength of PI film effect

In synthesis PI of process in the joined organic phosphate ester can effective to improve PI film of stretch strength. organic phosphate ester main is promote PAA of ring of reaction, its role equivalent to small molecular dehydration agent, can timely to removal ring of reaction produced of water, avoid n Asia amine ring occurred open ring reaction of side, promote ring of reaction of completely for, phosphate ester content/% figure 1 PI film stretch strength with phosphate three benzene ester different content of changes. in common of phosphate ester compounds in the, selection phosphate three benzene ester as test object, To improve the tensile strength of PI film. Experiment in the, in at room temperature (20 ℃) Xia synthesis has concentration for 18% of PAA solution, with NDJ21 type rotating viscometer measurement PAA of stick degrees for 22300mPa • s; phosphate three benzene ester added volume respectively for 1%, and 2%, and 3%, and 4% and 5% Shi, business have of PI film again for stretch strength test, found added has phosphate three benzene ester Hou, PI film of stretch strength get has improve, phosphate ester content for 3% Shi, PI strength reached maximum, than added Qian of stretch strength improve has 80% . Speculated that its original because, dang phosphate three benzene ester content too youth, on improve PI of mechanical strength role is unlikely to; Dang content over 3% Shi, excess of phosphate three benzene ester became impurities, part embedded polymer internal, effect polymer of eventually performance. by infrared spectrum test, formed of polymer molecular structure clear, and United States du State company production of are benzene type PI (Kapton) of infrared spectrum figure match. due to amount of phosphate three benzene ester only promote polyamide acid of dehydration ring of, so, Polymer of structure does not occurred changes. infrared spectrum is determination PI n Asia amine of degree of most common method [2,6],1780cm-1 and 1720cm-1 points is for n Asia amine strong of symmetric and not symmetric Carbonyl of spectrum with 1380cm-1 of spectrum with is C2N of stretch vibration, 720cm-1 spectrum with belonging for C=O of bent vibration, 1500cm-1 spectrum with belongs to benzene of vibration. experiment showed that, added phosphate three benzene ester not change original PI molecular of structure.