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Study on electrolyte of triphenyl phosphate flame retardant

Triphenyl phosphate flame retardant electrolyte electrolyte is a function, this type of flame retardant capabilities of the electrolyte is usually obtained by added flame retardant additives in conventional electrolytic fluid.

Phosphoric acid methyl ester (TMP) as a flame retardant, studied combustion and electrochemical stability of electrolyte for TMP, TMP found itself has a good flame retardant and oxidative stability, but in restoring stability of graphite anode. They found the cosolvent can inhibit the reduction decomposition of TMP, for example, in the EC+PC+TMP (TMP<10%) and EC+ of diethyl carbonate (DEC) +TMP (TMP<25%), TMP has better to restore stability in the ternary system, but with the increase of total solvent content, flammability of the electrolyte increases to replace the amorphous carbon graphite as anode, TMP restored stability can be improved. Ota[8] 1M LiPF6/EC+DEC+TMP (6:2:2) system adding vinyl phosphate ester of 5% (EEP), effectively inhibit the breakdown of TMP, this is because the EEP contribute to surface of graphite anode solid electrolyte interface (SEI) membrane formation. Phosphite three methyl ester (TMPI) and phosphate three methyl ester (TMP) on electrolytic liquid of flame retardant role and electrochemical performance of effect, experiment found for equivalent of TMPI and TMP, former in improve electrolytic liquid of flame retardant sex while, also can improved cathode half battery of electrochemical performance, author think this is due to TMPI on cathode surface of stable effect due to; and which of flame retardant effect although better, but phosphate three benzene ester flame retardant electrolytic liquid of research role is to loss must of electrochemical performance for cost of, Positive half battery discharge capacity loss is very serious.