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N-butyl alcohol market is relatively stable

Butanol Mall factory offers low-dimensional stability at 3900-3957 Yuan/ton. Qilu petrochemical production capacity of 50,000 tons/year of n-butanol equipment, equipment in good condition and now stock a few external price 3900 Yuan/ton. Tianjin soda plant in n-butanol equipment annual production capacity of 170,000 tons, in good repair, operating at full capacity, moderate commodity stocks, selling stationary, listing offers stable performance 3900-4000 Yuan/ton. All liquid material inventory digested slowly, floor trading volumes are very limited.

Domestic butanol factory quotation continues slide, price range at 3667-3914 Yuan per ton. Port cargo pressure pressing, difficult domestic butanol shipment, Luxi chemical (000830, share) offer a, n-butanol, down to 3700 Yuan/ton. Although some manufacturers not to quote, look around. Together, manufacturers offer reduced costs continue to increase at a loss, may decline starts to cut losses.

Domestic butanol Mall air stick to light, and the market Outlook bearish, and buying mainly to look factory dynamic. East China port abundant buying intention to offer slightly lower downstream users of butyl starts are not enthusiastic, and acquisitions pace has slowed.