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Epoxy propane prices can not copy the DF

2015 epoxy propane market in the first half despite the fluctuations, and other chemical products, propylene oxide are still relatively good. But recent new propylene oxide production equipment, as well as the old device restarts, port supply increases, increasing the supply of epoxy propane market expectations, or a short term increase in market supply, offer pressure downward. In the long run, followed by domestic new capacity continuous production of propylene oxide, as well as replace old and new production technologies, times of high domestic spot price of propylene oxide will be gone forever.

Propylene oxide spot the highest offer in the first half to 12750 (t price, the same below), the minimum price of 10350, although store prices lower than in previous years, but after taking into account the sharp fall in oil prices since the previous year, above its offer remains million, pulpy, propylene mercy 3000, there is still difference, showing that its profit in the first half does not cut. In the second half, propylene oxide market come down, not only because lower polyethers malls in need of cold season, material propylene price decline in a row, multiple factors such as more supply is expected to increase, merchants offer loose spot below million.

Nearly a decade of China's import and export figures, the uniform domestic self-sufficiency rate was about 80%. But in the near future, which will attack a fundamental shift, propylene oxide imports is expected to substantially cut back. According to China's general administration of customs data show this year January-June cumulative imports of 156,000 tons of propylene oxide in 2014, representing a 37.4% cuts over the same period. According to incomplete statistics, now under construction, and construction of intent combined capacity of 1.56 million tons, during which production capacity 2015 programme a total of 610,000 tons. In recent years, China's imports of uniform epoxy propane at the mercy of 450,000 tons, needs annual growth of 170,000 tons (according to 7%). If these parts to full programme production, the 2016 national propylene oxide is expected to be completely self-sufficient in the future.