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Domestic caustic soda market

Caustic soda market stabilizing move, former bodyguards and fell 2% the total profits of industrial enterprises above the designated size, but profits in line with the direction of the transformation and upgrading of industry maintained a good growth. In macro-economic downward pressure is not reduced and insufficient demand in context of long-term, urgent capacity of caustic soda industry, meanwhile, seeks to enterprise upgrade opportunity is long-term way of enterprise development. Short term, entered in December, all soda consumption and raw materials industry as a whole showed significant effects of off-season, caustic soda market in expects the recent positive support is hard to find in some areas still face some downward pressure on prices.

Caustic soda market consolidation, price was little changed. Local 30% ion-alkali mainstream to the price of 760-800 Yuan/ton, 32% ion-alkali mainstream to the price of 800-840 Yuan/ton, market turnover. Local production of chlor-alkali enterprises a smooth, stable, and raw materials demand, is expected to not be significant fluctuations in the market in the near future.