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China acrylic acid

Domestic acid sold better atmosphere and prices begin to rise. East market has must active sex talks, buyers by needed received goods, trade business mentality stable, shipping smooth, quotes continues to raised, General acid level market mainstream price in 4600~4700 Yuan; fine acid level market mainstream price in 4800~5000 Yuan, South market by device starts declined of effect, supply surface partial tight, downstream buyers received goods intention can, trade business sales smooth, quotes gradually rose, General acid a level barrels loaded market mainstream price in 5800~6000 Yuan; North market spot stock declined, Domestic traders active trader shipment smoother, prices continue to rise, using acid level in 4600~4700 the mainstream of the market price.

I produced phosphoric acid ethyl ester, triphenyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphite ester, TPP flame retardant, flame retardant TEP.